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Do you like tomato? I believe you do. However, some of my friends told me that they hate the cooked tomato! At the moment, I have to ask another simple question: Do you like pasta or pizza without based sauce, and fries without ketchup? They are perfectly matched, right? Based on my personal experiences, I think my friends have the same problem that we don’t like the under-cooked tomato, not cooked tomato. Give tomatoes more time in the pan, and the dish will be matured to have great taste.

In 2016, I went back to China to visit my mom. One day, she held my hands and said, “I haven’t seen you for many years. Yesterday, your dad and I went back to our old house. When I stood in front the house, all those memories, which seem I have already forgotten, were popped up in front of me right way. I remember that you were tiny, and sat on a tiny green chair next to a tiny green table, with one hand holding a tiny bowl of rice, and the other hand grabbing a tiny spoon to hit the table, and you kept saying ‘rice, rice, mommy, rice, and mommy’. And then I brought a tomato egg to your table, you became very quiet finally and started to eat. Only after 5 minutes, I saw your face full of rice, egg and tomato. It was so lovely.”

Yeah, I told my mom I couldn’t believe that I still remember the same scene. In addition to that, the most impressive thing of that time is our old house. I remember we lived in the small village next to a river named Zi Ya River. Due to the urban expansion, the village has already become a part of major city, therefore all those houses on that area were reconstructed to high buildings, and the village was vanished. Fortunately, since our old house has value of cultural relics, government chose to keep it instead of selling it to land developer companies. The house has typical structures, but because of some campaigns, we only have around ¼ of the ownership which is a three main rooms connect to each other facing to the North, and there is a giant date tree in the middle of the yard, once after heavy rain over night, the next morning I always carried a tiny bamboo basket and ran into the yard to pick up the dates which were hit by rain. They are so sweet, juicy and crunchy. When I was full of dirty and mud, my mom reproached me and gave me bath, and then set me on a small chair next to the tree, let me wait for the lunch. Oh, memories! I am not young any more, but my mom told me the tree is still alive, and tomato egg is still on my menu. I am so happy.

The first dish I made in my life is tomato egg, and then I learned cucumber egg, celery egg, and anything with stir fried egg. I call them egg series. I believe that is the cooking enlightenment for 99% of Chinese people. Once any young children can make egg series, parents know their babies already have self-care ability to leave family. Hmm…… at least, my parents thought so. Let’s start our tomato egg and you will get a simple, but sweet, sour, and juicy partner for your rice.



Two serving size, Preparation time=10 minutes, cooking time=10 minutes

Main ingredients:
Tomato 150 g
Egg 3

Salt 3-5 g
Sugar 15 g


  1. Wash the tomatoes and dice them or slice them
  2. Mince the eggs
  3. Heat oil in the pan, add eggs until the eggs are done
  4. Stock cooked eggs in a container
  5. Heat the pan with little oil
  6. Add tomatoes into the pan
  7. Add salt and sugar, stir fry for 2 minutes
  8. Add eggs in the pan, mix them well, done.

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I believe cooking is art. Every people has his or her awareness about dishes.

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