Beijing, the capital of China now is the center of politics, economy, culture and transportation. In 1153, Jin Dynasty started to build the city as the capital, and till today, Beijing is 861 years old. During these 861 years, thousands of the best Chinese chefs had left their hometown to Beijing. Some of them came to capital to pursue a better life in capital; some of them came to capital because they were brought by officials as their family’s chef. In addition, some of them, the best of the best, were chosen by royal family. After 861 years, Beijing formed his special cook culture. Because of many reasons, the whole city seems not being recognized as an old historical city; however, people still can find some places where you can discover the old culture, history and feelings. Moreover, Chinese food contains an abundant of Chinese cultures which you will enjoy a lot.


  • Capital famous sauce – Powder Paste

Power paste is the most famous paste in Northern China. A lot Northern dishes are made with this sauce. Once you talk about Beijing food with any other whom from outside Beijing in China, there are two things they must know: First, Beijing duck and second is the paste sauce. Moreover, when you have a chance to eat the duck, you will see the sliced duck meat always serve with a dark brown sauce. This sauce is the advanced mixed powder paste sauce. Besides the Beijing duck, “炸酱面-fried powder paste noodles”, is another famous dish in the capital. If you ask a Beijing native what dish you like in you daily life, they probably will say “炸酱面”, not the duck. You will see how important the power paste is in Beijing.


  • Capital famous dish- Duck

Beijing Duck is famous around the world, but only few Chinese restaurants make the real Beijing Duck. In fact, most restaurants that make duck use southern cooking technique to handle the duck. The final step is fried the duck to make it crispy. It is delicious too, but is still prefer the Beijing duck cooking technique. Beijing duck are cooked only by grilled or baked. As we know, when people grilled or baked something, the big problem is it is so difficult to make it as crispy as fried dish. However, Beijing duck totally solves the problem. When you put one piece of duck meat in your mouth, you will find the meat doesn’t need to chew very hard, and it is very tender, juicy and crispy.


As I said, Beijing has been the center of China since more than 800 hundred years ago. Many top chefs come from all over the China, after you taste the Beijing specials, you also can try many more dishes from other provinces.