Hi, I am Ricepudding, used to be an international student from Mainland China. Many years ago, I got on the plane and flied to Canada. I have to say the food on the plane was terrible. So when I got off the plane, the first thing I wanted to do is feeding my hungry stomach. However, at that time, I knew nothing about Canada. The only restaurants, which I could 100% sure they are restaurants, are McDonald and KFC. In the next few days, Big Mac and fried Chicken became my major foods. By the way, my minor food at that time is cup noodles. After everything was settled down, I decided to find a Chinese restaurant and to satisfy my picky tongue. Finding out a Chinese restaurant is not that difficult; I easily found one next to my University campus. I stepped into it, and ordered my favorite two Chinese dishes, “Kung Pao Chicken” and “Yu Xiang julienned pork”. “OMG, what is that? Is this Chinese food? How much sugar did they put in?” I asked so many questions to myself. I believed this is the most terrible Chinese restaurant I’d ever met in the last twenty years by that time.

But you know, people always change; after several years, I started to fit into the Canadian food and even Canadian Chinese food. Specially, I fall in love with the most typical North American Chinese food, so called “General Tao Chicken”, which I had never heard about it in China. However, I still miss the taste from my hometown, so I decided to solve this problem by myself. Therefore, I started to study and do experiments on original Chinese dishes. How lucky I am with the fact that my mom is a chef in China, I received many helps from her. After several years, I won’t say I am an expert in Chinese food, but I do cook many typical Chinese dishes with original taste, so all my family and my friends enjoy a lot. While China becomes a popular travel destination for Canadians in recent years, more and more friends of mine have had chances of travelling to China and tasting the real Chinese food there. Guess what? They all came to me and told me how delicious the real Chinese foods are, and how humongous the differences are between the dishes they love in China and what they can get from Chinese restaurants in Canada… That’s fairly true, but not so many people are aware of that unless they go to China in person.

On this website the “Chinaren recipes”, I will share all my knowledge on real Chinese food and let you have the real Chinese taste without going to China.