sweet sour potato

Sweet sour potato

Two serving size, Preparation time=10 minutes, cooking time=10 minutes

Main ingredients:
Potato 3

Sugar 3-5 tsp
Soya sauce 3-5 tsp
Chinese vinegar 3-5 tsp
Sesame oil 1-2 tsp

Chili oil 1-2 tsp
Green onion 1-2 tsp

1.    Peel and wash the potatoes
2.    Use Shredder to do the potatoes
3.    Stock shred potatoes in a container with cool water, water should cover the potatoes
4.    Heat water in the wok until boiled
5.    Add potatoes only ( exclude the cool water) in the hot water until boiled again
6.    Take all potatoes out, use clean cool water wash them, and drain to dry (around 3-5 minutes)
7.    Add potato into a clean container
8.    Add all seasonings and mix well

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